Glass Bong Ufo Percolator black 260mm

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Height 260mm Diameter 50/28mm
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Glass Bong Ufo Percolator black 260mm



The reasonably priced but solid glass bubbler in a handy seize is equipped with an ufo percolator. Due to this and the extension of the smoke path which leads in a circle through the three chambers, the smoke is well cooled and filtered. This results in a very smooth taste. In addition, a splash guard protects against unwanted water inhaling.

The bowl for herbs can be pulled up quickly for the final kick due to the handle. This handle also protects the bowl from rolling down the table if it is dropped. The mouthpiece is pleasantly rounded and the solid glass base gives the blubber a safe stand.


Material Borosilicate Glass

Colour clear/black

Height 260mm

Diameter 50/28mm

Grind SG 19 (18,8mm)

Wall Thickness 3,5mm

Perkolator/Diffusor Ufo Percolator

Ice no

Kickhole no

Oil no









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