'Breit' Spherical Oil Pipe clear

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'Breit' Spherical Oil Pipe clear

The spherical oil rig from 'BREIT' (Stoned) makes you exactly that if you dab tasty concentrates such as oil and wax with it.


Simply heat the oil bowl strongly at the bottom with a gas burner, then place the concentrate with a pointed dabber into the bowl, wait, and afterwards inhale the developing smoke slowly. The kickhole then takes care of the rest... Made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass and printed with our stylish 'BREIT' logo.


MaterialBorosilicate Glass

Colour clear

PrintBreit Logo

Height 150mm

Diameter 87/14mm

Grind Plug Chillum

Perkolator / Diffusorno

Ice no

Kickhole yes

Oil yes

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